It’s been a long winter and it’s not letting up. The recent snow fall has produced the potential for dangerous situations that could put lives and property at risk, as a homeowner take these steps to keep yourself and family safe.

Fuel burning appliances can be  vented through a chimney or more commonly out the side wall. If vents are blocked or plugged by heavy snow, the appliances won’t work, or carbon-monoxide (CO) may build up inside the building.

If a gas meter or propane tank is covered by snow and it develops a leak, it could force gas into the building.

Take a walk around your home to see if the winter weather has created some unsafe situations around your home.

Areas to check but not limited to:
Furnace and hot water tank vents/chimneys
Fireplace vents/chimneys
Dryer vents
HRV vents
Gas meters and propane regulators

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