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Cooling Products


Comfort Pro Ltd. in Carleton Place, ON has a wide range of cooling products to meet your home or business needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your cooling needs.

What We

Central Air Conditioners

Bryant Air Conditioners provide energy-efficient and durable cooling for both residential and commercial use. With advanced features like two-stage operation and eco-friendly refrigerants, they offer improved temperature control and lower energy costs.

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PTAC Units

PTAC units, or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, are self-contained heating and cooling systems commonly used in hotels, apartments, and other commercial buildings. They are designed to fit into a wall sleeve and provide individual temperature control for each room, making them a convenient and cost-effective HVAC solution.

Ductless/Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are top-of-the-line HVAC solutions for residential and commercial spaces. These systems are designed for efficient and reliable heating and cooling, with advanced features like zone control, wireless controls, and air purification options.

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Side Discharge Unit

If you're looking for a quiet and efficient central air conditioner that can be installed on your rooftop or deck, the Legacy Line compact unit is a great option. This AC can be placed as close as six inches from your home and is designed for optimal performance and comfort.

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